A legal forensic videographer is a good professional working with multimedia equipment to create digital scenes for court cases or manage real-life footage of the crime scene and evidence and litigation for other purposes.

Their task is to supplement the testimony in a court case with video evidence. The profession is relatively new to the field of criminology, but as digital multimedia technology improves, it will definitely be more prominent members of the legal industry. Experts use many forensic video analysis software. One of them isVideoActivewhich the U.S. Patented software with Patented Lossless Video Capture with an encoding that multiplies video storage capacity


One of the specialities that legal videographer can have a forensic animation. Under this specialization, you will render the animation footage depicting murder scenes, accident scenes or creating some other important events.

To make this animation scene you will use the latest digital animation software, physical data on the location of the event as well as the testimony of witnesses. This profession requires preparation, animation, forensics and criminology expertise.

Other specialities that you can explore if you are thinking about becoming a legal videographer is a digital videographer. Types of legal videographer digitally improve poor quality analogue and digital images to make them easier to interpret.

The purpose of this position is to clarify the picture that has been submitted as evidence to increase the likelihood that a witness or a suspect can be identified.

Digital videographers can also work as video analysis. In this role, they will look at the validity of the video footage as well as trying to identify anomalies in the video material.