Small business VoIP phone systems are a useful and attractive tool for communication between two different business locations, long-distance and international calls. There are many reasons why this phone system is so attractive to small business owners. 

Some of these interesting benefits are detailed here:

Lower cost

One of the most attractive advantages of a Virtual phone systems for business is the lower cost of local and international calls. Small business VoIP phone systems are becoming very fast and very popular due to their low OPEX and CAPEX. 

The cost of VoIP phone systems has come down many times in the last decade because they share the same media type with TCP/IP based protocols, which helps the users of these services to get the most out of the transmission medium. 

The transmission medium is one of the most expensive parts of the telecommunications system. VoIP phone systems use transmission very efficiently and thus significantly reduce costs. Long distance and local calls are also much lower than normal old calls.


Portability is another big benefit for small and medium-sized businesses. This telephone system can be managed from anywhere via the Internet or through a private network such as a VPN (Virtual Private Networks). These numbers remain the same and correspond directly to your personal local number in your office. 

Other functions

The excellent technical characteristics of the small business VoIP phone system also make it the first choice for businesses running small, medium, or even large businesses. This phone has all the functions of the old phones; Apart from that, they have many other functions.