Light therapy is becoming the most popular skincare treatment and everyone seems to want to try it. Why this madness? Of course, due to many conditions, it can be improved naturally without pain or side effects. The results surprised scientists and consumers who may now own an LED home therapy device that uses the same technology that professionals like dermatologists use: LEDs.

There are different forms of light treatment for different problems, but Photo Rejuvenation, as it is also called, with LEDs, is for skincare. There are basically two colours associated with photorejuvenation because there are basically two conditions that many people want to improve: ageing and acne. Red light is used for treatment, so for both problems. You can avail the benefits of LED light therapy at RubyLED.

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Your skin becomes healthier, firmer and more elastic. Here are some of the benefits of blue and red light therapy:

– Reduce crow's feet

– Increase collagen and elastin

– Increases vascularity (blood circulation), this promotes the transport of more nutrients into cells

– Reduce blemishes

– Improve skin tone

– Heals sun damage

– Shrink pores

– Reduces acne inflammation

– Cure rosacea

– Reduces melanin production which causes brown age spots

– Controls oil and sebum production

Light therapy is also used in forms other than LEDs, such as daylight spectrum, for example, to relieve stress and seasonal affective disorders. In the future, more cosmetic, medical and physical complaints can be treated with mild treatments and technologies.