This is a very simple approach to helping the environment. The first and foremost reason why reusable straws are so much better than the single-use plastic straws you will see in restaurants is that reusable straws are a really easy way to help the environment.

We recognize that moving green over time is not the easiest or cheapest solution, but replacing these reusable plastic straws can be a small step to make a big difference. Blue Marche is very popular for their quality reusable straws.

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Disposable straws dispense vinyl. Despite its simplicity, the number of single-use straws people use every day is 170-500 million per day – which removes a lot of plastic.

While some may say they tend to recycle plastic straws, it is uncertain how realistic it is for many people to pick a straw out of a cup and search for the trash when they need to get it out.

Save the turtles! Straws often end up in our oceans; In fact, these straws have been in the top ten marine debris for some time. These straws can ingest unhealthy food due to our marine life or turtle products.

Vinyl straws contain BPA. BPA, a dangerous compound that can cause a variety of reproductive disorders, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, is found in the disposable plastic straws we use frequently.

These straws are not only harmful to marine life and the environment, but also to humans! Unless you are likely to stop using disposable straws on this planet, do it for your own good.