A stove forms the line of the kitchen area. You may prefer a freestanding appliance or a combined series, but you can't do without a range. In earlier times, only gas stoves were available.

So, the only option a buyer has was to go in for a cosmo gas range online.

But nowadays, with the introduction of electric stoves, it has become a tough task for the buyer to choose between a gas stove and an electric stove.

As a result of advancements in technology, gas, and electric stoves have come on parity with each other. In fact, the gas ranges have been redefined in such a manner that most of the cooks in small food joints to large restaurants prefer to cook with gas.

This is due to the advantage provided by gas stoves that the person who is cooking can control the precise amount of heat beneath a pot which is not possible in case of electric stoves.

A significant aspect on which this decision relies is the price of the cooking range. A comparatively cheaper option is to buy an electric range than a gas range. The difference in price is of a considerable amount and varies according to the model and features available in an electric range.

A buyer will also require a power supply of about 240-volt for an electric stove and generally, this much power supply is available in households. In addition to the higher cost of the gas range, the additional cost is to be incurred on installing a gas pipeline and this cost is quite high as compared to the power supply of 240-volt.