Truvada for PrEP costs more than $1,100 a month but the drug is covered by many insurance plans. Truvada cause kidney problems or kidney failure. If you or any of your family member face problems due to Truvada the you can file Truvada lawsuits.

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Gilead, the manufacturer of the drug, provides financial assistance to uninsured and insured low-income patients.

The high price of drugs, however, is an obstacle that would benefit from the treatment for many economically disadvantaged people at high risk for HIV.

Although the number of HIV incidence has remained stable for over a decade, the increase occurs in a particular population. From 2008 to 2010, HIV incidence, or the number of new cases rose 22% among male adolescents and young adults (aged 13 to 24 years), with the largest number of new infections occur in the African- American, according to the CDC.

Simply sticking to the status quo and telling people to use condoms and negotiate, abstain, and wait is pointless. Before, that didn't work. Why would anyone think it's going to work now?

Do you think you can take the drug every day? There are medications that can help you. Do not take Truvada without perception of doctor otherwise it may cause dangerous effects.