Utada Hikaru's latest album Fantome the singer's debut album in more than a decade has been at the top of the Japanese charts since it was released in September. Digital and CD sales from the collection have reached 1 million, which was hit in January. The singer Hikaru Utada Overseas reaction is always overwhelming.

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Some in the industry see this feat to be par for the standard for Utada who set the record for sales in Japan in 1999 with her first album, First Love. But, when you consider the fact that eight and a half years have passed since Utada's last release Heart Station as well as the general declining sales of CDs It is truly remarkable that a record targeted towards Japanese buyers Japanese market has had the same successes of previous releases and had such a long run of strong sales.

Utada is an American-born artist who has a distinct position in this Japanese musical scene. In contrast to established artists who depend on a small group of loyal fans, focusing on members of fan clubs and regular concert attendees There is no official fan club and seldom goes out on the road. She has made only two Japanese tours throughout her 18-year career.

If Utada had a devoted group of fans who were fervent the album from 2004 Exodus and her 2009 album This Is the One, made available worldwide as a stage album under the name "Utada," might have been more popular in Japan. The production of the albums was designed to appeal to the market outside of Japan, specifically that of the United States, and the lyrics were written in English.