Have you ever wondered what type of e-mail you should send to your e-mail subscribers?

You probably know that email marketing is the best way to sell online but if you have expanded your email list, what next?

Promotional emails are different from those that generate leads, and different from transactional emails and messaging messages. Therefore, you need to know the various email marketing campaigns and the types of emails you send. You can get the best email marketing service to promote your product.

This type of email marketing campaign is used to increase business sales. However, a well-written email can also be a powerful marketing tool to increase your brand loyalty and take your business to the next level.

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Most email marketing and marketing automation platforms offer you a variety of campaign templates and features that can help you create many marketing opportunities.

Different types of email marketing campaigns

Welcome email: Emails that you send to customers within 24 hours if they are on your list are received and must be informative, clear, and accessible.

This is a simple email that tells them how satisfied you are with your subscription and talks about things you can see in your inbox.

The average opening rate for welcome emails is 50%, which makes it 86% more effective than regular email newsletters. In my experience, 76% of people want to receive a welcome email when subscribing to your email list.

Consumers who received welcome emails showed a 33% higher commitment to the brand. Congratulations on winning a new customer. Imagine you have found a new friend or maybe a new colleague. It's only polite to introduce yourself.