Children enjoy army games, hiding and what not. The days of merely playing "army" are gone, and now kids go all out to satisfy their imaginations and play paintball. You can book an appointment to paintball for kids via

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Relatively opposed to when we or our parents grew up with unparalleled riches, parents encourage their children's imaginations by providing them more realistic costumes, props and even ghillie suits for children. 

Kids Ghillie Suits are so common that "ghillie suit" parties are hosted by parents for their children and friends. As ghillies have more than one use, they are most common for children to play army or act as costumes in their neighborhood to frighten or play bigfoot. 

In addition, they want their children to feel the freedom to move by shooting and hunting as they did with many fathers. This right of passage and experience is made even more exciting and pleasant by Ghillie suits tailored for kids.

Ghillie Suits for Kids are designed and made exclusively for them. Standard ghillies are made of thick burlap, which makes it very difficult for adults to navigate, and how much harder for youngsters. This is why children's ghillie suits are made from thinner, synthetic fabrics. These suits are airy and cooler than most adult suits, but many are now available in the plastic lightweight version.