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Indoor plants are defined as plants that require little amounts of water and light for growth and survival. These are plants that come in different sizes and types. The cleaning procedures for the plants are also different to one another depending on the types. Moreover, if you try to offer extra light and water to your indoor plant, then the plant may die. Learn more about indoor plants with some of the basic information.

Based on Qualities

  1. Foliage – A thick foliage is considered a healthy indoor plant as opposed to thin foliage.
  2. Root System – For an indoor plant, it is important to have a strong root system. A great indication is based on the color of the root which should be light and visible to the eyes.
  3. Disease – It is natural for the indoor plant to catch a disease. Some of the symptoms include sticky residues, the presence of dots on the surface, a bad smell etc.

Based on Light – The light plays a crucial role for indoor plants to grow and survive. Here are some of the best indoor plants that require little light.

  1. Peace Lily – The peace lily is one of the best indoor plants that require low light.
  2. Dracaena – The dracaena is an indoor plant that is known to have beautiful long green leaves.
  3. Philodendrons – This indoor plant is popular amongst indoor plant owners. This plant is known to attract fewer insects and flies on the surface keeping it safe.

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