It is obvious how vital trees are to our environment and the beauty of nature. Although planting trees may sound simple, it is more complicated than simply digging a hole and placing the tree in it. These are some of the most important points to remember when planting trees properly.

The right time and season to plant trees are important. Avoid late spring or summer as heat stress can be harmful. The best time to plant trees is either fall (after leaf falls) or spring (before buds break). You can also purchase the best nutrients that increase your crop output and help them to grow fast. 

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Preparing the tree for planting: Small trees can be turned upside-down to remove them from the pot. For larger trees, it is important to keep as much dirt around the root as possible. Avoid movement as more air will cause damage to the roots.

Place the tree in the hole – It is important to place the tree gently. The root ball must always be held in place and the trunk should not be used to support it. It is important to take care not to let the crown get buried or leave any roots exposed. 

Compost – If the soil is not properly enriched, compost or composted cow manure can be used. The hole should be filled three quarters with dirt and the remainder with compost/manure. A mixture containing Mycorrhiza (a bacteria), is highly recommended to increase soil nutrients uptake.