Work-related to soundproofing, structure, pipe and another filtration is done with the use of glass wool insulation. With the help of using various products, glass wool insulation is applied on the required places. For example; if you own a music studio requiring soundproofing, glass wool insulation is done. Let’s consider additional applications of glass wool insulation.

  1. On Suspended Ceiling – Since inorganic glass wool is known to be non-combustible, ceiling tiles are made. But, when it comes to suspended ceilings, organic glass wool is used.
  2. On Pipe Insulation – In order to get rigid performance from pipes, hot and cold pipes are used. These pipes are insulated by the use of glass wool which can be easily cut by the use of a sharp knife for different shapes and sizes.
  3. On Cavity Wall and Drywall – Areas such as drywall system, timber frame building and steel frame structures need to be insulated. With the use of glass wool insulation on cavity wall and drywall, these areas offer more and better rigidity.
  4. On Sound Proofing and High Performance – As mentioned earlier, inorganic glass wool is considered to be non-combustible. Furthermore, with the use of this type of insulation, it is used for soundproofing improving the ability to absorb sound more.

With these applications, you can imagine the wonders glass wool can offer for your home. There are many more applications offered by glass wool however, for roof insulation in Perth and other cities of Australia, there are other types of insulation you can choose from by asking a professional.