Vedic Science is your only Journal that publishes original research articles as well as reviews articles in various aspects of Vedic Sciences and scientific Interpretation of Vedas and allied literature.

Vedic Science was released by International Vedic Vision Nyc involving 2000 to 2009. You can know more about it and study Indian Vedic science via according to your study requirements. 



  • Towards preserving the Vedic scientific legacy globally.

  • To market and promulgate the logical, secular, and scientific outlook of the Vedic seers and scholiasts of ancient India.

  • To create together the Vedic scholars, scientists who have evinced a wonderful interest for promotion of research on studies on scientific lines, along with modern scientists or scholars interested in the Vedic technological vision.

  • Both amateurs and professionals, regardless of caste, creed, race, and religions or region from India and different parts of the planet, to present the detailed accounts/results of their initial findings, discoveries, and researches into the Vedic sciences and scientific interpretation of the Vedas and allied literature. 

  • To provide a forum or a platform to learn the remedy to the various issues of bulk and also international dilemma from the light of eternal laws (natural and social ) detected by the ancient Seers of India.

  • To help the contemporary scientific knowledge synthesize with the Vedic one such that it might diffuse following Vedic vision, such as upkeep, progress, safety and development of humankind and not to the environmental crisis, destruction, and extinction of living creatures.