New advances in material development constantly affect the fashion industry, for example, new or evolved fibers lead to increased fire resistance and crease of fabrics. 

Dichroic coating is not a new technology; It was developed in Germany more than 100 years ago and has since been used for applications ranging from the diagnosis of certain diseases to use in heat-seeking missiles.

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The dichroic glass creation process involves the precise deposit of a layer of quartz crystals and metal oxides such as titanium, silicon, and magnesium to clean the glass.

CBS Dichroic Coating Mixture Fusion Pattern on Thin Clear Glass ...

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Dichroism is an optical effect seen in certain materials where two different colors are seen when viewed from different directions. In the dichroic glass, a color is seen when light reflects off the glass surface, and the angle of the second color change is seen when light passes through the glass.

Additional glass processes fused at high temperatures "melt" the glass and then change the color and character. Thus, the finished dichroic glass has a hidden depth of ever-changing colors reminiscent of elements of nature such as dragonfly wings and peacock feathers.

Handmade dichroic glass jewelry is a highly-rated art form that, when done right, achieves beautiful and impressive results.