New locations and routes emerge on a regular basis. With Garmin Nuvi 200 navigation device, you can easily check out the local establishments around you, be it hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and other facilities. If you are using Garmin Nuvi 200 Global Positioning Receiver System, but not able to get accurate information about the local establishments around you, then maybe your GPS maps are out of date.

So, if a new road was added or an old one was closed, then you won’t be able to know about it and hence, your trip can be affected due to it. You will also not be able to identify new businesses on the old maps that you see on your Garmin Nuvi 200 device. You must ensure Garmin Nuvi maps updates to receive accurate information, and Garmin offers free software updates, so there shouldn’t be any problem for you when it comes to updating the maps, as you can get it done by connecting your Garmin Nuvi 200 on your computer.

Garmin Nuvi Update Process

Step 1 – Open your computer, then launch a web browser and go to the ‘Garmin WebUpdater’ website.

Step 2 – Click the Download the latest ‘WebUpdater’ version from the Garmin website. Downloading the WebUpdater is very simple, as you just need to follow the installation instructions to complete the download process of the program.

Step 3 – Connect one end of the USB cable to your Garmin Nuvi 200 with the other end going into the USB port of your computer. The WebUpdater program will automatically search for any necessary updates for your GPS.

Step 4 – If WebUpdater alerts you that there is an update available for your Nuvi 200, so if you want to install it, then you should click ‘yes’ to that prompt. The program will install it and tell you when the time is right to disconnect your GPS device from the computer. In case, there is no update available for your device, then you will also get a notification regarding the same.