Single Bunk Beds is a unique option for those who have smaller rooms. Many single bunk beds offer you the flexibility to convert them into dual beds when you take them with you, making them an excellent long term investment which will accompany your kids through their teenage years and even into their adult life. If you want to buy a bed for your children but are worried about space, there is no reason why a single bed cannot be adapted into a double bed using double bedding. You may find that a single bed is just what your family needs in terms of space so make sure to weigh up the pros and cons before you buy.

One of the reasons why single bunk beds are such a fantastic option is because they are both very practical and functional. These types of beds enable you to save a huge amount of floor space. Since the bed frames are often lower to the ground than traditional beds, you can add a loft ladder easily onto the mattress. This will allow you to access the top bunk easily if you want to. In addition, using the ladder on the single bed will give your kid the feeling that they are in a loft too!

However, there are disadvantages too when it comes to purchasing single bunk beds. Often, you only get a room for one person if you buy two single beds. This limits the size of rooms that you are able to create, which is obviously a negative aspect for most homes. Another thing is that if you decide to use two single beds, then you do not always have the option of having a cupboard underneath the second bed – so all of your clothes will have to be stored up on the floor. This can be very cumbersome and frustrating and will certainly make you want to purchase another bed.

The solution is to purchase a kit which allows you to create two single bunk beds, using different methods. By creating the upper one using the methods described in the kit, and then adding storage facilities beneath, you can create two single beds in half the time. The other method, and probably the best method, is to use high quality timber frames, which can be obtained relatively cheaply from most DIY stores. By using two sheets of plywood and building a frame out of them, you can create a very strong framework for your bed.

Although this solution works very well, it does mean that you will miss out on some of the advantages that double, single bunk beds offer. The first advantage is that your child will be able to sleep in a bigger space. By using two single bed bunk beds instead of one, you will give your child's bedroom a larger dimension. This will enable your child to play in their own space and enables you to have more room to play in your home.

Another great advantage is that it gives you space to install a wardrobe. By using two double, single bunk beds instead of one, you can ensure that your kids have enough room to store all of their clothes. In addition, you can provide a more organized and tidy storage area in your home. So instead of just having one box, your kids now have three!

One thing you do need to consider before deciding on which bunk bed set to buy, is whether you want a "curved" or "mono-curved" rail system. The "mono-curved" rail system is one which has rails along each side. These are similar to those used in stairs. The "curved" rail systems are much better for use with twin or full bunk beds. This is because they enable you to make a "eeper" recess in one side of the room (for sleeping) or on one of the sides of the room (as in the case of a triple bunk bed).

Once you have decided whether you will go for a straight edge rail system or whether you want a "mono-curved" system. You must also consider the type of mattress you will get. Usually a twin bed requires a "box spring" with two lengths of slats.