Komatsu manufacturers offer a wide selection of hydraulic and pneumatic seals that prevent fluid from leaking into the hydraulic system. We purchase high quality equipment and meet stringent industry standards to offer the best product available. 

With one of the largest inventory levels in the country, we believe we can provide the komatsu rebuild kits you need. Standard and metric sizes are available in a variety of materials, from urethanes and elastomers to engineering plastics.

We are constantly supplying new and improved product lines and increasing our stock to meet demand. We look forward to the challenge of offering solutions for the most difficult sealing applications.

We had a wide variety of seal kits on the market. Our experienced technicians assemble the complete kit based on the serial number or manufacturer number. If this identification number is not available, we can reconstruct the product range to provide the parts you need.

Since we have a large list of manufacturers of industrial and heavy machinery, the time to complete a kit order is only one day. All kits meet or exceed OEM specifications.

The industrial catalog makes it easy to order parts. The catalog contains tens of thousands of parts with a seal profile index to help you easily identify the seal you need. The profile section contains all required material and construction information and easily recognizable dimensions. Our catalog is your easy-to-use resource for parts ordering.