Winter can throw a lot of foreign objects in your pool. Snow, leaves, branches of trees, dirt, rocks; Anyway, we do not want it to be in our pools. 

In addition to simply adding dirt, which we must possibly clean, in our pools, this can also cause difficulty to eliminate stains and damage to our pools that we will have to spend more time and money to clean and repair. You can hop over here to check various types of pool covers.

A very necessary tool to avoid all this is the pool cover. As the name suggests, it covers the pool that basically blocks everything and seals things (it should be in the pool).

However, we do not, we can not just install a pool cover, then leave it for the rest of the winter. Even the pool cover needs a certain degree of maintenance.

When too much debris accumulates on the pool, debris will light and damage coverage. When this happens, all the debris will fall into the pool. Accumulated debris must be frequently cleaned for this to happen.

How are we exactly doing it? Since we are in the context of winter, the most likely debris we encounter is snow and ice. 

Be careful when you eliminate the ice so that it can have sharp edges that can damage the cover. It would be better to wait for it to sweep and pump all the water with pool cover pumps.

If some solid objects are certain solid objects such as dried leaves or fallen shaft branches mixed with snow and water, try to remove as much as possible before pumping the water because those – Could be clogged inside the pool cover pump.