It is important to find a qualified professional to provide the homeowner with the roof that they desire. A quality roof will protect a family and all of their belongings from the elements. It is important that homeowners look for residential roofing contractors with the appropriate licenses and insurance, as well as a good business reputation.

First, confirm that they have the required business licenses according to state requirements. Individuals can check with the State Department of Professional Regulation or their state licensing board to find out. You can know more about residential roofing in Redding at

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It is essential to verify that the business is legitimate after requesting information about licensing. You can inquire about the business address, tax identification number and email address. Ask about proof of insurance. A certificate of insurance will be issued to homeowners if the residential roofing company has been insured.

This certificate details all coverage. Check that the roofing company offers workers compensation and liability coverage. If a roofer or one of his employees is injured on the job, the homeowner will be protected by the right insurance coverage. Ask for a list of references. 

These are clients who have used the roofing company in the past six to twelve months. You can also go online to check the BBB's reputation for residential roofing contractors. The BBB will list any complaints about a company, and how they were resolved. Before you meet with a roofing contractor, make sure they have the necessary approvals to install or repair the type of roof that you are interested in.