Cigar lovers are increasing day by day. Also with the increasing craze for cigars, cigar sellers are also increasing with the same number. You can buy cigars of your choice from an online cigar shop. 

You need to be careful while choosing cigar producers online. You can take a look at testimonials from their clients to find the quality of their cigars. 

By following the following five simple steps outlined here, cigar amateurs, shop owners and perhaps even professional tasters can make certain they are affected exclusively by the inherent quality of the cigar they're smoking at any given moment.

cigars for beginner

1. Preparation

Give a friend or relative a sampling of five to ten the cigars you're happy to sample. 

2. Aesthetics

For cigars, this mostly pertains to the wrapper and the general facade. Start looking for veins at the wrapper leaf. Make observations on everything comes to mind. Recall: the concept is to catch your first impression. 

3. Structure

Does this have soft spots? Does this feel light or dense? Take in the aroma until you light it. As you light the cigar, then pay special attention to the attraction. Take notes on each one of these attributes both before and when you lighting the cigar.

Among the simplest observations to get a blind taster to create is if the cigar is mild or bloated. Start looking for undertones that look plump, sweet, harsh, flowery, strong, salty or green. Write them down together with if they had been gratifying or not.