Lyft and Uber are the ridesharing companies that not only benefit customers but also for drivers. A driver gets a bonus or some extra points that lead him to extra earnings likewise customers get cashback or bonuses on every ridesharing. You can get full information about uber lyft promo codes on the internet.

We are going to discuss how an existing driver and a new driver can warm extra money.

Here's the basic gist:

The existing driver (referrer)

When you refer to a new driver, the number will appear on the page link. It is the amount of bonus to your city.

A new driver will sign up for lyft or uber using your link.

If that new driver is in your city or area then the bonus amount listed for your city will be applied.

If the new driver is not in your town, your bonus amount will be the amount offered in the / her town. This would not be awarded for your city.

The new drivers (Referee)

When you click on the referral link, you will see the bonus amount offered to you. 

Once you have used their sign code and completed the required number of trips, the amount of your bonus will actually be based on your city.