The vast amount of data provided by GPS fleet tracking systems can be used in a variety of ways to increase efficiency, reduce fleet operating costs, improve customer service, improve operational fuel efficiency, and even reduce vehicle accidents and breakdowns.

Whether you use vehicles to move goods over long distances, respond to human emergencies, service and maintain products, or transport your sales force, GPS fleet tracking can help you in often unexpected ways you can get innovative fleet tracking solutions by visiting

1. Driver information provides the basis for driver training or retraining where GPS data of your fleet indicates that they are driving dangerously or in a manner that consumes fuel or damages the vehicle.

2. Driver information from GPS fleet tracking can form the basis for performance-based compensation and bonus programs as well as program performance tracking.

3. Driver and route tracking, supported by your Navy GPS device, provides the documentation needed to resolve disputes over customer complaints, service times and schedule inconsistencies.

4. Provide assistance when drivers get lost or direct drivers around traffic jams or accidents that result in long delays or road closures.

5. Control stamp cards, automate billing and bookkeeping steps and avoid mistakes.

6. Increase employee productivity up to 35%.

7. Monitor times during stops and after hours of work or other unauthorized use of vehicles.

Fleet tracking options have evolved over the years. Investing in GPS fleet tracking and tracking often pays off in the first year in fuel cost savings. Also, as your fleet becomes more efficient and productive with these tools and the wealth of data it provides, your business will benefit.