CRM would be translated as customer relationship management. CRM is not Software; it is an idea or strategy to follow in the company supported by a certain system or application. In principle, any mail manager can serve as primitive customer relationship management and marketing software

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The problem of CRM is simple, given a product that we sell to customers we add some guarantee or added value to it offering support or whatever, to be better than the competition. CRM is usually linked to the quality department, which grows as the company takes on an increasingly important role. CRM software can help you achieve an organization's goal without any stress.

The CRM within a company is a multitude of functions such as telemarketing, telephone support, product guarantee, e-commerce, web, etc. The CRM module within the ERP system is only a small portion of the general idea of Customer Relationship Management. 

In fact, sometimes the CRM is present without being included. With an ERP, for example, we could handle customer complaints, product returns, total invoicing for each one, warranty extension, web portal, product datasheet, etc.

The CRM works by capturing the information of the clients, where they establish the particular preferences of each one to manage the relations based on the knowledge acquired.