Although farm tending can be a great way of earning a living, it requires a large investment in machinery and tools. It is vital to maintain the investment by taking care of the hardware & supplies. This will ensure that they don’t get worn out or get damaged which can lead to loss of money or increased costs.

You can protect your tools, especially larger, more expensive farming equipment, by using machinery tarps. These tarps are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like cold winters or scorching summers.

A machinery tarp is a vinyl product that has reinforced webbing, double stitching, evenly spaced grommets around its perimeter, and a series of D-rings strategically placed for load security. These tarps differ from steel and lumber tarps in their size and shape.

Protecting equipment from the elements can be done with tarps. Tarps are ideal to protect tools and tractors that have been stored in drafty barns.

Every day that a tractor, or any other farm equipment, sits in the rain is risky. The tractor will slowly but surely develop rust. A machinery tarp is an affordable solution for rural landowners without outbuildings or barns.

You can customize tarps to fit all kinds of farm machinery and vehicles, including utility task vehicles (UTVs), and trailers. You can choose from custom dimensions, grommets, and d-rings as well as a variety of colors.