There are many types and flavors of cheeses. There was a time when you could just unwrap a slice of cheese and put it on some white bread. Gourmet cheeses can be served as an appetizer, dessert, or simply as a course in a larger meal.

Limit the number of cheeses you serve. To add variety to your selection, you can vary the sizes, shapes, flavors, and textures of the cheeses. A wooden cheese board or a marble slab should be used as a tray. You can find various restaurants for cheddar board delivery in Dubai via various websites.

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For a unique touch, a silver tray with a wooden insert can add elegance to the table. It is important that the tray not be overcrowded. Also, any bread or fancy crackers should always be served separately. If the cheeses are strong or have distinctive flavors, separate utensils should be used. Mild cheeses will retain the aromas and flavors of stronger varieties.

Combining cheese with fresh fruits or thinly sliced onions creates a delicious and interesting arrangement. Remember to cut all accompaniments into bite-sized pieces.

Cheese can be served as an elegant dessert, a light course following the main course or as an appetizer. Cheese can be very filling so choose a light appetizer.

How cheese tastes will depend on the temperature. Cheese that is served at room temperature retains more of its natural flavors. The cheese will be at its best if left out for 30 minutes before it is served. During warm months, it is important to watch out for cheese that gets too warm or begins to sweat.