A GPS tracking device for cars is different from a GPS tracker for cars. Both GPS devices use satellite coordinates to provide information. A GPS tracker's primary purpose is to locate a vehicle or group of vehicles. The GPS tracker can relay information about the vehicle's location, speed, and other details. You can look for the most trusted GPS tracking & telematics solutions at Cellutrak.

How To Detect a GPS Tracking Device on Your Vehicle

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GPS tracking devices are typically installed in vehicles. GPS tracking devices are also available for scooters, bikes, and motorcycles. GPS trackers can be used to track the movements of laptop computers in case they are lost or stolen.

GPS trackers all use global positioning satellites that can precisely determine the vehicle's speed and location. The GPS tracking system transmits information to orbiting GPS satellites, which then route the data through a cell or phone network back into an associated receiving device. GPS trackers are also able to send information via the Internet and notify the recipient via SMS text messaging.

GPS trackers, which are similar to a car GPS system can provide detailed mapping information that shows where the target vehicle has traveled. You can save the mapping information you have gathered for future reference.

Private investigators, insurance investigators, law enforcement and fraud investigators use GPS trackers to obtain information for investigation purposes. Limousine companies, taxi companies and delivery companies use GPS trackers to monitor and record the usage of corporate vehicles and properties. GPS tracking devices can also be used to locate stolen company vehicles.