CNC stands for computer numerically controlled router. This machine is used in the manufacturing sector, mostly for cutting through metals, wood, and plastics. The router is unique because it can be controlled electronically by software, rather than manually by a person.

This is of interest to the manufacturing industry because it produces better results. It might be hard to believe that a human can do more work than a computer. A CNC router works better than a mechanically controlled router because the software it controls allows it to move more precisely, steadily, and in detail, than a human could. It does not necessarily mean that humans aren't involved in router operations. 

However, this means that movements are made by computers and are very precise and detailed. The machine can even move the smallest amount of material if necessary. CNC routers are a great way to improve manufacturing. CNC routers can work continuously, whereas humans would need to stop and take breaks. 

A CNC router includes a cutting tool and a control panel. It also has a worktop. Naturally, it also contains a router. This amazing CNC machine also has many other parts.

CNC routers require a lot of skills to create. This is because the people or teams that produce one require skills in many areas. They must be able to design the machine from scratch.