It is quite difficult to know how to get help and support for mental health and emotional problems, but once you do you may be overwhelmed at most therapists offer their services. In the first instance, you can try to talk things through with your doctor or someone you can trust.

You may feel you do not want to access psychological services through your General Practitioner for a variety of reasons such as; has information about your medical records. You can consider using the services of a private practitioner. You can get online counseling services in Vaughan through

An 'information' doctor must signpost you to the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy, The United Kingdom of Counseling and Psychotherapy or The British Association of Behavioral and Cognitive psychotherapists for more information.

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Make sure the counselors are fully qualified and registered with the agency, working for their ethical framework, code of conduct and complaints procedures. Usually, counselor or psychotherapist would only do five counseling sessions in one day to be in accordance with best practice policies and procedures because of the intense nature of the work.

When looking for a counselor you should look at the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy website and consider the most suitable therapist to work with you and the issues you present.

You can take other factors into consideration such as; distance, cost, availability and other practical. Your therapist should have a portfolio of qualifications and they are available for you to see and you should have a clear understanding of what they offer and what counseling or psychotherapy models available.