Facebook Chatbot is not a new Facebook Messenger Bot that will be used to greet users. It's the very same bot that was released at Facebook's F8 Developer Conference. The question now is whether or not Facebook Messenger Bot can become a trend and eventually replaces Messenger in its way of online communication.

Chatbot is something that is made through a conversation with the software in a chat service. Chatbots are also known as chat assistants or chatbots. A chatbot is created by a person and programmed for use in conversations on the internet. Chatbots are designed to carry out tasks for users to complete in accordance with the instruction of the users.

Chatbots are great tools to make things easier for people to accomplish. A Chatbot would come up with a question for the user to answer and would answer the question in a manner that the user finds most appropriate. A user has to say the command word in order for the bot to carry out the task. If the command word is not said, the bot will not perform the task.

What makes a Chatbot so useful? The functionality of a chatbot is increased. For example, a robot that follows orders for the customer could save more time. A customer wouldn't have to ask the robot to take off his hat when he feels hot or cold. In this way, customers could become more productive and increase their profits.

Facebook Chatbot can do so much for a business since it could help market products and services on the internet through social networking. This way, the bots could engage in the customer's interactions and responses, thus helping them to get to know one another. A Chatbot can drive more sales and boost profits. The bot can help to expand the reach of a business while also helping customers to know about and support a business's products and services. Facebook Chatbot could also serve as a good option for customers since they could ask a bot about a problem that they are facing or for advice on a certain topic. With a chatbot, customers could easily contact a company if they had a problem. Customers could simply talk to the bot and get the information that they wanted without the need to spend hours talking to human beings. They could simply explain the issue to the bot would handle it.

So why did Facebook Chatbot start? The reason why Chatbots started was the need for people to have a chat option. Thus, chatbots became necessary. With Chatbots, a person no longer needed to contact a company for help, instead they can just chat with a chatbot that would then provide them with all the answers that they want. There is also a possibility that the chatbot would help them get the help that they need.

Chatbots have become a part of our everyday lives. It is now necessary to interact with a chatbot. A chatbot is not only useful but also very convenient. We can now open Facebook Messenger, register a chat, talk to a bot and tell it anything that we want. So, Facebook Chatbot is all the more important.

Facebook Chatbots can be easily programmed using a PHP or Python script. Facebook's engineers have worked hard to produce the Chatbots and it should be safe to say that Facebook Chatbot is indeed one of the best that the company has ever produced. Facebook Chatbot can be helpful for users. Users can get their questions answered through a chat and they can also get information from a chat. Through Facebook Chatbot, a user can get help whenever he/she needs it.

Facebook Chatbots were created to be user friendly. However, they can still help you get the answers that you need. If you happen to go to an event and you don't know what to wear, a Chatbot could help you out. by asking you and giving you all the answers you need. Facebook Chatbot would help you out by guiding you through the event.

And if you want to be a virtual DJ, you can let Facebook Chatbot knows and lets it create a playlist for you. You just have to ask a few basic details. and it would do all the rest.