The exterior walls of buildings provide comfortable and healthy indoor environments, needed to protect us from outdoor climate change. Most serious wall problems are related to water in one way or another.

Buildings need to be efficient, durable, and economical with regard to investment, operation, and maintenance costs. Increasing focus on sustainability, design, and construction has given rise to new and improved materials, technology, and energy use in buildings.

Water and moisture intrusion can enter wall systems in several different ways. Water penetration and moisture intrusion have been and will continue to an issue in construction. You can get more information regarding cladding in Central Coast via

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Rainwater can enter wall systems and cladding in several different ways. It could be driven by wind, or it may enter by gravity, or by capillary action, or by surface tension, or by differential pressure movement. A very large percentage of construction-related lawsuits are filed due to water intrusion issues.

It is quite likely that this trend will continue. Typically, lawsuits and problems arise as a result of the ignorance of understanding water and how to manage it both in the construction trades and the design community. The lack of a skilled workforce and increasing pressures on designers for faster work for less money greatly impact the problem.