No longer limited to only kitchens and bathrooms, tiles are usually used as upscale floor coverings to bring modern, contemporary and luxurious end results to homes and outer space throughout Perth. Perth specialist tilers can be employed for all types of tile work. They are happy to provide their suggestions and recommendations during the planning stage. Contact their team today.

Whether it's a wet room with mosaics tiles, kitchens with contemporary wall tiles or living rooms with large formats, polished, floor tiles, their professional final results will make you happy for years to come. If you have cracked or damaged tiles on your property that needs to be fixed, they can help. Tile experts can help remove damaged tiles before preparing a clean base surface by removing the existing tile adhesive.

They can then load substitute tiles so they sit flat with the surrounding tiles. By using a quick-drying adhesive they will be able to use new tiles too. Professional tiles are experienced in placing various kinds of tiles. They are equipped with all the tools needed to ensure each cut is clean. They’ll try to be as economical as possible with the total number of tiles needed.

Before placing the first tile they will accurately measure the wall area or floor tile. Their aim is to leave cutting size that is consistent and good on the edge. This means multiplying the dimensions of the tile and adding the right joint between tiles.