Many companies that sell industrial furniture also make it. This allows them to create custom products according to customer specifications. This option is available to customers who are unable to find the right size or the required features in pre-made furniture. Industrial workbenches are a standard piece of equipment in many workplaces. Some environments may require static or ESD control.

ESD is electrostatic discharge. This is one of many things that can cause damage to or even destruction to computer hardware. ESD is similar to a shock that occurs when your feet touch something metal and are rubbed onto the carpet. It can also occur in computer work and cause malfunctions. ESD can occur without the user feeling any shock. ESD prevention is best achieved by using a grounding mat, wearing an ESD wrist strap, or working at an ESD table. Some floor surfaces are not suitable formats, and they can also be too intrusive if placed on a hard surface. A workbench that controls ESD is preferred in many environments. Manufacturers can apply static control to different types of tables that they make. 

The ESD/static control feature is built into the surface material and not merely a coating. This eliminates the need to have a tabletop mat. These can be costly and easily curl after prolonged use. Standard sizes of tables are available, such as those that can be used for standing, but also in custom sizes.

You can choose a static dissipative laminate surface for the top of your main work surface, the lower shelf, or all work surfaces. Customers may also have the option of an ionizing system. They can choose between an overhead or tabletop version, as well as an air gun. Customers can still choose to have a table or a floor mat for their various work surfaces.