Enclosed carriers come in a few varieties with regard to structure. Hard-sided, soft-sided, multi-car, single, or two-car trailers are all possibilities. Multi-car trailers are cost-effective and can take up to five to six cars and are, therefore, the most popular choice.

Some customers are better suited to an enclosed car transport option. Enclosed trailers bring protection for your vehicle. Your car will remain dry, clean, and unaffected by bad weather conditions or road debris. Hence, it is always recommended to hire a professional enclosed car transport company.

Enclosed trailers are more secure, not only from potential theft but also from damage during transport. These trailers also make fewer stops during delivery.

Covered car transport services also come with greater insurance protection. As the cars are carried within the enclosure, companies are more willing to grant higher insurance protection. This is because damages are most likely to occur during loading and unloading. Make sure you pick a reputable company to work with.

If your car is an investment, expensive, rare, luxurious, then enclosed delivery is likely to be a better choice. Closed trailers reduce the risk of damage. If the area of transportation is experiencing bad weather or conditions that may include salty or sandy roads — enclosed transport is probably better.