DUI charges can be serious. The punishment for each case will vary. Some individuals are fined $1,500 or more while others must attend DUI classes for a specific time or have their license restricted for a few months. 

The maximum punishment is a six-month sentence in jail. You should immediately contact a DUI defense attorney if you are charged with this offense.

dui defense attorney

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The best DUI lawyers can help you formulate the best defense strategy. It will cover one or more of these points.

  • You can get a Miranda Warning erroneously administered by your lawyer and help your lawyer to deny any incriminating statements. The reason the police officer stopped you should be valid. A judge may ignore the results of the blood alcohol tests if they are not.

  • Your lawyer will ask you whether your chemical testing equipment has been properly calibrated and maintained. The court can throw out the results of your blood alcohol test if there are any irregularities.

  • It is important to note the time of the test. The system's ability to absorb alcohol can vary from one person to the next. The alcohol will not be absorbed as quickly if you have a full stomach. This point will be the focus of your attorney to make doubts about the test results.

Many products, including breath fresheners, can falsely indicate positive results for breathalyzer tests. You should choose a DUI defense lawyer who takes great care of you or you could face unjustifiable harsh penalties.