Keeping business data safe is the number one concern of businesses today. Due to increased security breaches at some companies, data security against unwanted interference is on everyone's mind. 

No one can be a hundred percent free, but at the same time, SMEs can encourage environmental protection by having a solid understanding of their external web presence and ensuring the penetration testing effort is secure. You can contact cyber security services in Las Vegas via

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What is Data breach and how it happened?

This is a scenario where your company or organization's data is stolen. Medical services, retailers and public entities experienced the most breaches, with malicious criminals responsible for most incidents. Protecting sensitive data is critical for a company's lifeline. What could be the most common causes of data breaches?

• Physical loss or theft of the device is one of the most common causes of data breaches: this means a simple majority of the common causes of data breaches.

• Internal threats such as intentional violation (error employee) or a deliberate offense (abuse of employees): This can occur when employees handle delicate data and are not clear protocols and procedures of security understanding.

• One of managing access to applications and various types of data can result in employees being able to see and transport information they do not need to do their job.