Every people who exist on this earth have a different body type and size. No matter whether you are thin or fat, all the matter is whether you feel good in your body. It is important to understand the body in which type of clothing, your body feels comfortable and better.

To perform the exercise in the right way, you can wear loose or oversized athletic wear. Oversized sports clothing doesn't restrict the free movements and prevent sweat patches during hot weather.


Oversized athletic wear looks baggy or loose on the wearer. Whether you are skinny or obese, you can wear these wear during your workout sessions. 

Skinny women go to the gym to maintain body tone, while obese women lose calories. While running to the gym, obese women may notice slimmer people also wear baggy or oversized sports clothing. It is not only because baggy clothe looks fashionable but also keep your body comfortable, allow the skin to breathe, promote blood circulation, and enhance the oxygen flow in the body.

During physical exercise, sweating is natural. The more you sweat, the more calories you will burn. So, the best choice for oversized athletic wear is cotton fabric. The cotton material of sports clothing prevent body moisture and keeps your skin dry the whole day long.