With budgets tightly stretched and fashion trends inspired by Nature, it is not surprising that resin jewelry is currently taking center stage at international fashion events. The world's fashion models are showcasing a huge variety of handmade jewelry made from incredibly versatile resin.

Look out for chunky bangles, multi-bangles, bead necklaces, bracelets, dangling earrings, and leaf-shaped cluster pendants, amongst the vast range of resin jewelry. There are glossy finishes, transparent frost-inspired beads, and smooth matte accessories in autumn gold, soft yellow, and rich browns, along with pebble-grey, coal-black, and snow-white for winter wear.

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Translucent Amber

Real amber is actually pre-historic tree resin that has been fossilized into a hard, smooth semi-transparent material. The beauty of amber resides in the warmth of its translucent shades of soft yellow – orange-brown and throughout history, it has been a highly valued, but scarce commodity. However, the synthetic resin can now be fashioned to resemble true amber in every detail, making modern, amber designer jewelry both affordable and highly sought after.

Coral Cameos

Another natural material showing an upsurge in popularity is coral. Of course, harvesting real coral is not allowed these days, to conserve the rich ecology along the Great Barrier Reef. However, modern coral resin jewelry resembles the subtle pink-orange-red shades of natural coral perfectly and is proving a big hit with a whole new generation of women.

Amber and coral resin jewelry in necklaces, bracelets, drop earrings, brooches and rings are available from fashion jewelry retailers in both traditional styles, like coral cameo brooches and funky modern designs.