First, you will need a computer with a microphone and speakers. I personally use an external speaker and microphone, which work great for me. I didnt bother trying to figure out how to connect the microphone through the computer speakers so I could use it on my phone. The internet is a great resource for internet oriented tasks such as this.

You should always use the F9 key to get to the Links browser. This will allow you to type into the microphone keypad to send a message to your bot. When you are done typing, hit the Escape key. Its very easy to type in short phrases to include in your code.

You should now have the links browser on your local computer. To make things easier, you should find some text and paste it into the Word widget on your computer. You can do this with Microsoft Word or with a different program, like Google Docs.

Building a Facebook Chatbot is really simple. All you need is a computer, a microphone and some source code to help you connect with the Facebook Messenger Bot. As long as you can write a few lines of code, its possible to become a Facebook Messenger Bot developer and start receiving multiple users.

If you have some HTML knowledge, you can easily create a form for your bot. Just copy and paste this code into the form and fill in the information. Remember to add a attribute for the Facebook application to read it.

Now that you have your forms, you can give them one-click capabilities. By clicking on the links widget, you can switch between each form in your bot. Its a simple way to change the appearance of your bot and makes it much easier to see what your bot is doing.

For the Facebook application, you will need to install the Facebook SDK for your platform. On most platforms, the Facebook SDK is already installed and included with your Facebook account. For Windows and Linux users, open a terminal window and run the following command:

After youve installed the SDK, you will need to create a new Facebook Application. There are numerous places online where you can download and install the SDK for free, but if you dont know how to do this, its always recommended to get a paid version of the SDK.

Once youve created the Facebook Application, you will need to set up the Facebook application ID and secret that the application will use to connect to the server. In the application menu, choose Settings. In Settings, you will need to change the application ID and secret to a new one.

Then, you will need to create a container application for your bot. This will be your bots main application and will be the one that the bot connects to when communicating with you. Open the Bot menu and click on the Applications button.

Finally, you will need to download and install the Bot program for your application. You should go to the Applications menu and download the Bot program. Once youve done this, you should go to the Bot program and copy the Bot folder to your computer. Now, you will need to put the downloaded files in the Bot folder.

Now, its time to connect your bot to Facebook by creating a Web Service that will allow the bot to communicate with you. To do this, go to the Web service settings in the Bot application and click on the Web Service tab. Change the Service Type to Facebook Web Service and then clickon the Connect button.