The term 'Modern Art' is one that has been hotly debated. The appropriate time period which includes modern art is not something that can be clearly defined. It would seem that there is a pioneer in the field of modern art as far as the mid-1800s, or perhaps even further.

It is an art form that seems to have developed more than one hundred years. It may not matter that much when it starts. You can also purchase modern art online via

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What is important is that modern art has a unique identity, along with the shock value that separates it from other art forms. Many modern arts have an abstract quality to it. What does not have an abstract quality of contradictory ideas of the past work of art 'traditional' or ‘acceptable’?

Some of the most famous are the impressionist Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Alfred Sisley. They have a lot of colleagues are well known, but when people think of Impressionism, the work of these people usually come to mind.

The impressionist brush strokes clear to use, and puts great emphasis on light and movement in their paintings. The work was supposed to capture the moment and make it seem alive. Post-Impressionism similar to impressionism, except that it discards some of the limitations of Impressionism still held.

Expressionism is when an artist to distort reality for emotional effect, often anxiety. Expressionism, Impressionism and unlike some other type of public art, exhibited in many art forms, including painting, film, theater, and music.