Generally, it is not recommended to eat fruit right after a meal, as it can hurt digestion. Ripe papaya is one of the few exceptions that is recommended after a large meal. The kind of food we eat, mixing it with papaya has a wonderful effect on our body.

Protects the heart

The antioxidant vitamins A and C found in ripe papayas help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Therefore, it is considered helpful in preventing diabetic heart disease and atherosclerosis. Because papaya fruit is a great source of fiber, the fruit is known to help reduce cholesterol levels. 

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Anti-inflammatory effect

Protein-digesting enzymes such as chymopapain and papain help reduce inflammation and also improve the healing of burns. Even antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C are known to help in this regard. Among the many benefits of papaya, it is widely used.

Strengthen the immune system

Beta-carotene found in papaya fruit helps the body synthesize vitamins A and C. These vitamins are essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. Therefore, ripe papaya is considered very helpful in preventing recurrent ear infections like flu, cold and other ailments.

Rheumatoid arthritis prevention

New research is adding new things to the long list of papaya benefits. Studies have shown that papaya, being a source of vitamin C, may help prevent the onset of inflammatory polyarthritis, a form of rheumatoid arthritis. Some or more joints in the body are involved in this form of rheumatoid arthritis. With so many papaya recipes at our fingertips, keeping rheumatoid arthritis shouldn't be that hard.