Find out below the different types of plumbing tools:

Pipe Tools: Cutting and fitting the pipes is a difficult job to be done but if you have the right plumbing tools, then the job is made easier. A plain hacksaw can be used just for cutting and trimming pipes and a pipe cutter can be sued to make a straight cut in the pipes.

Once your pipes are cut then you can clean the edges and interiors well and this can be accomplished using a small metal file and a steel pipe cleaning brush. You can check reliable plumbers in Sevenoaks through the web.

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If you have copper pipes or soldering pipes then you can use a torch and a solder box to cut the pipes well using a pipe cutter, reaming tools and pipe cleaning brushes.

Wrenches: This tool is considered to be one of the most common tools used by the plumber and is found easily in their respective toolboxes'. It is basically used to rotate pipes and for many other tasks like changing an old faucet in the bathroom or the kitchen sink. It is usually used to tighten or loosen the fittings in their own places that are difficult to reach.

Every ordinary homeowner should have at least one wrench to carry out the simple plumbing jobs at home. It is not necessary to call a professional if a simple job can be done with a wrench. But if you find the job to be difficult then call a professional immediately.