Today, white cement is becoming popular and is like Portland grey cement. Nevertheless, when comparing with Portland grey, the only difference is in the production method used in deriving the whiteness of the cement.

This process takes time and effort, which is why white is more expensive when compared to the Portland grey. Interestingly, a kilogram of the white cement cost thrice the amount of grey. Importantly, it is one reason why Prism white cement is popular among other types of cement in India. You can get brief information about prism cement in Satna via

The color of white cement is due to the process and raw material used during the production period. Manganese, Metal Oxides, and Iron have an influence on the whiteness of the and undertone of the material. These elements make sure that they are clean, bright, and consistent colors. Prism white cement is used globally for different purposes and applications. 

prism cement

Applications of White Cement

Because of its popularity and complementary feature when used in building, many homeowners prefer it to other products. The following are important areas where they can be applied.

Tile Grouting

White cement can be used in areas with gaps such as marble floors, ceramic tiles, and vitrified tiles. Combining it with color pigments will help in giving your tile a perfect color by creating an illusion of a single floor piece slab.

Designer Flooring

You can also use white cement on the designer floor. When mixed with marble chips, color pigments, and marble powder, it provides a variety of wonderful designs to the floor. When Prism white cement is used, it also provides the same effect that gives your home a distinctive look.

Architectural Decorative Designs

Another interesting area where white cement is used is in architectural decorative designs. When combined with color pigments, it gives off a beautiful color combination. Furthermore, it holds the strength of the structural design. Moreover, it is used in false ceilings, decorative pillar structures, etc.