The video seems to be taking over the web. YouTube videos are combining with the regular Google search results. And it seems as though almost every page you reach has a video on it. That doesn't just apply to internet marketing. A quick browse through the best-selling products will show you that almost every popular niche product has a sales video on its main page.

Not just the usual suspects of dating and Forex robots. Even someone selling woodworking plans has a video on their main page. A lot of the sales pages for the best-selling products purely have a video. There's no text to read until the video has played for a certain amount of time or if you decide to click away from the page.

This means that you should strongly consider a video sales letter for your product. Either as the main (or even only) sales pitch or as a backup for the written copy. You'll need to test to see which works better for you but the odds are stacked heavily in favor of it being the preferred method as videos grow in acceptance.

If you decide to do a video sales letter, there are different considerations. Before you begin, you need to decide whether it will be a traditional sales letter that you read out and that's written in full below the video. I've seen that done before and it worked for me as I don't normally have the time or patience to watch a long video when I can skim the sales copy and decide from that.

But I haven't seen it done regularly which either means it was a failed experiment or that other marketers weren't convinced about its effectiveness. Most sales videos seem to start with dramatic music. Personally, I'm not convinced by that although it does draw attention to the fact that something is happening on the screen.

My reason for not liking the dramatic introduction is that a lot of films and television programs have moved from that format. The action starts immediately after the film studio logo or the "sponsored by" link disappears. The titles if there are any at all appear a few minutes later. I suspect that sales videos will go the same path as people get more used to them but I could be wrong and testing would be the only way to tell, along with retesting on a regular basis as the market changes.