Ybor City is a historical community just east of Tampa Florida. It was established in 1886 by Vicente Martinez Ybor, a dominant Spanish-born cigar maker and in it  had 200 cigar factories and rolled 700 million cigars annually. 

The inhabitants have been from Cuba, Italy, and Spain which makes this an extremely diverse city. A number of the older buildings are still there and there's been an attempt to revitalize the neighborhood.

Ybor city cigar shops  are one of the great attraction and at night there are lots of night clubs to pick from. On Saturdays you will find sellers in the park with live entertainment, you can not know exactly what you will discover that you can not survive without.

city cigar shops

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There are lots of places to eat in Ybor City, it was set up in 1905 and has won many awards. The food is some of the greatest things that I have ever eaten and the construction has been an adventure in itself. True Cuban food is the principal cuisine, even when you have not had it, then that's where to give it a try.

There are some fantastic deals if you are searching for Ybor City property. A number of the houses are remodeled and brought current. There is also a new building in Ybor City. If you are seeking a loft you will find several available.