The cooling tower needs water for its continuous and uninterrupted operation. The water needed for such a process can be thousands of gallons a day. Therefore, the water used to operate the tower must meet relevant hygiene standards.

The health of the tower depends on how well the water is maintained. There are many water treatment chemicals suppliers are available in the marketplace.

In general, the water used in this tower can be degraded due to environmental conditions. Some conditions that can occur in a water cooling system are water stagnation, bacterial growth, algae formation, and much more.

The use of raw water in these towers can also cause Legionnaire's disease, which in its most severe form can be life-threatening. The best way is to use special water treatment chemicals that prevent water damage due to environmental conditions.  

The scope of these treatment chemicals is very large and includes dispersants, biocidal products, foams, scale, and corrosion inhibitors as well as other products with high potential.

Maintaining the quality of cooling water is an important aspect of the overall safety process. Therefore, this is an important part of the daily maintenance of the cooling tower to keep water safe and free of pollutants.

In addition to this process, it is important for workers who are exposed to the maintenance process to wear appropriate clothing, gloves, and other protective equipment.

The water doesn't have to look dirty. Even clean water actually looks unclean and can contain bacteria. Therefore, along with the use of water purification chemicals, it is necessary to regularly test water for bacteria and other contaminants.

Therefore, the use of water treatment chemicals is an important part of the operation and maintenance of cooling towers.