The key to maximizing the effect of your asthma medications is to know how to use it properly. Ask questions of your doctor and pharmacist. Read all the literature on asthma medication that you can. And last but not least follow proper procedures when you take drugs. If you want to know about useful asthma medications list then you can visit at

Have your doctor write down the name of asthma medications and how to pronounce it.

You need to know the strength and frequency of your medication. For example, if you need to take in the morning, twice a day, with or without food? Find out how to take your medicine – it inhaler, tablet, or injection? Also, find out what you should do if you miss a dose. Do not forget to learn what to do if you accidentally take too much asthma medication.

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You should also know the side effects that commonly occur with your asthma medication. Sometimes the side effects diminished after week while others constantly. You should also be aware of what to do if you are allergic to asthma medication and went into anaphylactic shock. Be sure to read the prescription pill bottle with caution because it will tell you whether or not you should not drive or operate machinery while taking the medication.