The purchase of cannabis seeds is not permitted in all states. Be sure to read your laws and regulations before continuing.

Buying weed seeds online comes with several risks. We believe our many guidelines can help you reduce this type of risk. If you want to know more about cannabis seed cloning you can browse

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There is almost always a surefire way to help you protect your privacy online while still being able to order the highest quality and safe cannabis seeds.

Best Practice: Use a company plastic card with a business address when ordering online. It comes with minimal constraints for everyone. All companies have strictly confidential billing information for CC.

Information about plastic cards has become much safer on the Internet. Many of these stores destroy your transaction data as soon as your order is processed. Use a personal master card, money order, or cash.

Shipping and delivery to the correct name address are also important. The postman knows whether someone lives at an address or not. Use a few initials in the address if you really feel better about privacy.

Never send to a place where you absolutely do not like this home address information that relates to you or your personal hobbies.

Remember to use public email addresses in your order information. Your email address is stored somewhere. Be smart.

Send your shipment to someone else or to a completely independent address. For instance: girlfriends, aunts, friends, or organizations. These people really don't have to understand what it is, they just need to send you. Don't ship cannabis seeds that require a Sig.