Self-cleaning water bottles use UV technology for the purification of the water and remove all microorganisms. The bottles using UV technology could kill only viruses and bacteria but are unable to remove heavy metals from the drinking water. 

The self-cleaning water bottles can purify water in just 3-4 minutes. There is no need to clean these bottles as they get self-cleaned after every hour. You can learn about the features of self cleaning water bottle via

These bottles are safe to use and come with a portable charger. The UV- light used in these bottles does not contain mercury and is safe for your health. Hence, the UVC light provides many advantages in terms of power consumption as well as safety. UV purification system also helps you to boost your immune system and provides all the essential minerals required by your body to maintain the body’s pH level.

These bottles are even lighter than stainless steel bottles. Hence, you can easily carry these bottles along with you while traveling as they are easy to handle. 

Also, you will love the safety and convenience of port-less charging. On a single charge, these bottles can last for a number of days if you leave them for self-cleaning. These features make it the best product to get enlisted in your travel list.