Oculus Quest 2 feels very comfortable once the headset is put on. Soft inner padding feels soft on the nose and face. It also has a nice airy feel. It's lighter than Quest 2, so easier to wear during long VR sessions. You can also look for the top oculus quest 2 lenses online.

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Built-in speaker

Built into the strap mounts that sit on either side of your head, the speakers on the Quest 2 prove remarkably useful. While they’re no replacement for a high-quality pair of headphones, they work extremely well. The speakers don't Quest 2 directly into your ears but do provide a real sense of immersion in the virtual world, without the need for a dangling headphone cable.

Hand controller

Oculus Quest 2 also includes a 6 DoF controller. The controller is well designed and feels good to hold. Its ergonomic design and responsive controls make it easy to navigate around in the virtual world.

Battery life

You'll get between 2-3 hours of continual usage out of the Oculus Quest 2. This is usually more than enough for any training you might want to do with it but can become an issue if using one at a trade show or exhibition. The last thing you want is for the Quest 2 to run out of battery mid demo. A solution is to bring 2-3 headsets with you and have them on rotation, while the ones in use are being charged.