Without a monitor, we cannot think of a computer. To perform your office task or to play computer games you certainly need a monitor. Of late, there has been a revolution in the arena of a computer display. More and more companies are coming with different sizes of monitors.

There are CRT, LCD, and LED monitors which are mainly used for computer displays. This article is meant to help you choose the right gaming monitors. You can contact your remote computer support provider for help with the computer setup. 

Let's start our discussion with the types of monitors. There are usually three types of computer monitors – CRT, LCD, and LED monitors. CRT monitors look like televisions. But as technology advances, they get old.

The large power consumption and large size are the main reasons why people choose this monitor. Flat-screen computer monitors known as LCD computer monitors are the most popular monitors today.

Sharper images, flat screens, lighter weight, and much lower power consumption are the main reasons for choosing this type of monitor.

Monitor size is another important factor to consider. As for monitors, bigger is not always better. You can find LCD computer monitors in the market with sizes ranging from 15 to 30 inches. Depending on the purpose, you should choose a monitor.

If you plan to use the monitor for general home and office use, it is better to choose a screen that is no larger than 21 inches, while 21 inches is the minimum size for games and graphics. Keep in mind that for larger screens you will need the help of other hardware, such as a better graphics card.